Another huge passion of mine is traveling. I love exploring new places and learning all about the different cultures as well as visiting museums, art galleries etc. I believe it makes me a much more open-minded person and allows me to understand people with different backgrounds. 


I’ve been traveling with my mom since I was a little child. Every year we spend two months visiting many countries all around the world such as the USA (2017, 2018, 2022), England (2019), the Netherlands (2021), Belgium (2021), Luxembourg (2021), Italy (2013, 2014, 2022), France (2011), Spain (2020), Sweden (2013). But vacation with my mom isn’t about relaxing on the beach all day. Instead we sail, go on camping trips, do tons of sightseeing and we visit our friends all around the world to see places from the perspective of those who live there everyday, which allows us to understand the culture more. 


I’ve attended many camps both in Poland and abroad. I took part in a 3-week long day camp in New York City and a 2-week long orchestra festival in Boston, MA (NEC SOI 2022). Every year I go to at least one sports camp either in winter (skiing and snowboarding) or in summer (windsurfing, sailing, triathlon, horse riding).