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Martina Dżugaj

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About me

My name is Martina and I’m fifteen years old. I am a student of the IB-MYP program and National Secondary Music School. My main instrument is violin but I also play the piano. I participated in many workshops, masterclasses, festivals and competitions where I’ve won prizes and I also graduated from National Primary Music School.

My passion is horse riding. I used to have two horses and I took part in competitions, where I often scored successes. I also have the “Bronze PZJ Badge” (Brązowa Odznaka Jeździecka PZJ).

I love traveling and I’ve visited many countries both while on vacation and on camps and festivals. Discovering and exploring new cultures is extremely interesting to me and makes me a very open-minded person.

I’m a very determined, hard working and persistent person, I never give up and I’m not afraid to take risks and fight for my dreams. I belive everything is possible if you really want it and work hard enough.

Martina Dżugaj

personal project

phone: +48 609 729 914